0252: /miniladd


How do you contact YouTubers…when they are 40 feet away?

At the Google YouTube Panel at PAX there are some big time YouTubers on deck: Mini Ladd, Vanoss, Wildcat, Lui, Jerome,   xRPMx13 and BajanCanadian.  That’s a lot of people and with           only an hour for the panel they unfortunately don’t have time             for questions.  Combine that with the typical ten minutes it takes         to get through introductions, if you came here to see Mini Ladd     speak, he may only get a few responses.  That’s not quite the interaction you had hoped for coming to PAX and getting into           this packed panel.  Fortunately, Mini Ladd loves his fans and is following the local web URL localweb.is/MiniLadd.

Just because there isn’t time to ask Mini Ladd questions at the panel doesn’t mean his fans aren’t sending in lots of questions after each response he gives.  He can then answer them personally after the panel or even during the panel while the other 6 panelists are speaking.  This creates a direct connection between Mini Ladd and     his dedicated fans who came to see him directly.

Mini Ladd has over two million subscribers so his inbox and YouTube comments are flooded and he can’t answer them all.  But on /MiniLadd, he knows that those commenters are at PAX, and that they are his super fans, the ones he can build a special relationship with at the moment the event is over.  By interacting with fans on /MiniLadd he is rewarding his die-hard base and every YouTuber, especially those still on the rise, know that those die-hard fans keep the fire burning longer.

The other benefit of interacting with fans on /MiniLadd is that all that activity causes that slash to rise near the top of the front page of the local web.  Others at PAX who are looking at the front page to see what is hot right now see this activity and then explore what this Mini Ladd guy is all about.  Just by interacting with his fans, he spreads his own awareness and builds more fans, not just on YouTube, but in the building.  These new fans in the building have the opportunity to meet Mini Ladd and then to be come die-hard fans quite quickly.

“Slash MiniLadd” isn’t something he uses everywhere, unless he enjoys meeting fans at the grocery store, but when he is at an industry event he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to build his brand with the most passionate and supportive people around him.

Note: PAX and Mini Ladd are not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

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Image via Mini Ladd on YouTube

0246: /totalbiscuit


Mobilize your fans, wherever they are

TotalBiscuit is a popular YouTuber and video game critic.  His followers count in the millions among YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, SoundCloud, Google+ and any other other platform available.  But where are his followers when he needs them most? TotalBiscuit is at PAX East, but are his followers there too?  Maybe. Some of them must be, statistically.  But there is no good way to bring them together.

That’s where the local web comes in with localweb.is/totalbiscuit.  It’s a URL or “slash” where TotalBiscuit, or anyone, can post about… TotalBiscuit.  The difference is that it’s only visible to people in the area.

So if TotalBiscuit tweets out to his 500k Twitter followers that they should follow him at /TotalBiscuit during PAX, when he gets there he has a ready-formed collective of on-the-ground TotalBiscuit fanatics ready to do his bidding.  If TB wants to show support for a booth or panel that needs some love, he could post on Twitter… but his Twitter followers probably are not at PAX, and they might miss the tweet.  But if he posts to /TotalBiscuit it goes directly to his fans at the event, the ones that can make a difference.

If he wants to meet more fans in person, he can post where he is at /TotalBiscuit.  If he wants to ask his fans what the best games at PAX are, post to /TotalBiscuit.  If he wants to put together a guerrilla campaign to support an awesome but under-appreciated developer at PAX…. you guessed it, /TotalBiscuit.

All this activity in /TotalBiscuit will cause it to rise to the top of the local web front page, which lists all the hot slashes.  Others at PAX who are browsing the local web will wonder what all the excitement is about on /TotalBiscuit.  This leads to more exposure and more fans for TB.  Pushing /TotalBiscuit to the top of the local web can attract attention from executives and other deal makers who are wondering who has this mobilized army of super fans.

And if worse comes to worse and he can’t make PAX at the last minute, then Total Biscuit fans themselves can network together and have their own unofficial meetup, all organized on…. yup… /TotalBiscuit.

Note: PAX and TotalBiscuit are not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

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Image via Genna Bain on YouTube