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Calling level 89 conference wizards…

Sure you can have a great time if you simply attend the PAX gaming conference… but what if you could actually play it?  That is question a group of guys and girls asked themselves on the 18 hour drive from St Louis to Boston where PAX East is held.  And a question they wanted to answer.

They came up with an idea to use the local web to turn PAX into an actual RPG game.  You start by posting your character info in /The.PAX.RPG and then you can earn experience and items by doing various quests, which are also part of the local web.  Players on /PAXRPG.Swag.of.Destiny are looking to collect certain items of swag given out by vendors at the event.  Other attendees are posting shots to /PAXRPG.High.Score.Towers of the best scores they have gotten at selected demo games.  Not only is this a fun meta-game to play at PAX, but it forces you to really get around the venue and see and do some things you may have missed.

Even the action at /PAXRPG.Slay.the.Line.Beast is intense as attendees will post which line they are in and if they are accepting challenges. Other PAX RPG players can challenge them face to face using dice, cards, rock-paper-scissors or any other type of game.  The results are posted to the ‘slash’.   It’s a fun distraction while waiting in line for some of the major events.

This type of organization can only happen on the local web.  “Slashes” are as easy to create as typing in URL and easy to disseminate as well. Players don’t need to download some new app since the local web only requires a web browser.  Sure, /The.PAX.RPG is not a well oiled machine but that is part of the charm.  It’s a mostly spontaneous flow of creativity and good will that is localized to this event.  It’s the type of thing that can come about on the local web when you get a bunch of like minded people together in the same place, and give them the right tools to make some magic.

Note: PAX is not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via erin m on flickr