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Your on-site social profile

Some people just enjoy their cosplay and some people take it very seriously.  And then there is Bonnie.  She designs, creates and wears amazing and show stopping cosplay at events and conferences.  She has a Facebook page and a Twitter account and does the usual social things that creators are supposed to do, but none of these really carry much weight when she is in costume at an event.

When in costume she is turning heads and making a lot of noise in   the scene.  Posting a tweet into the twitterstorm feels insignificant.   That is why she is using the local web when she is on-the-ground at   an event.  Instead of telling people to “follow me on twitter” she asks them to reach out to her on the local web at localweb.is/bonnie.aether.wing.kayle.  There she is answering questions and talking to fans, and others are posting photos of her. Everyone she talks to in that “slash” is at the event because it only reaches a few miles.  This insures that she is talking to the most valuable people possible.

All the discussion in the slash causes it to rise near the top of the front page on the local web.  Other people checking out what’s hot at PAX see her slash and investigate.  League of Legends fans immediately recognize the Aether Wing Kayle slash and can seek her out, in person. With the local web she is able to amplify her presence but only with the people at PAX, which is perfect, because that is where she and her fans are right now.

Note: Bonnie or PAX are not officially affiliated with the local web. The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Matt Avinger on Flickr

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Crowd sourcing in-store help

Unfortunately the latest trend in customer service is to call out the lousy service you’ve received on the latest, most popular social media platform, and if you make a big enough stink (or you’re a big enough deal), your issues might be dealt with.

But this isn’t going to help when what you really need is to know which toggle bolts are rated for drywall…and there just isn’t anyone with a orange apron to be found.

That’s when you can turn to localweb.is/help-in-homedepot and post your question.  Helpful contractors within 100 yards can answer your question.  There might even be another customer in the store at that very moment who can walk over to your aisle to help you compare bolts.

Home Depot is a pretty smart company, so they even have someone monitoring the /help-in-homedepot to give their official response as well.  Finding the right toggle bolt in Home Depot is a small local problem that doesn’t warrant any social media outrage.

And if for some reason you don’t get the service you expect, a little venting on /help-in-homedepot is actually productive. You are not looking to grab the eyes of Home Depot corporate, just the local manager which can be done quite easily since enough griping and comments will drive /help-in-homedepot to the top of the index at localweb.is where the complaints will be most visible.  Think of it as a real-time Yelp review.

Too often consumers have to take customer service into their own hands. Those without Twitter followers or a social media presence can be left out. With the local web and /help-in-homedepot, they can get their local problems solved… by other locals.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Mike Mozart on Flickr. CC 2.0