0271: /turkey.creek


Live-blogging a creek because           why not?

There is a small creek that runs from the Kansas river down through Shawnee, Kansas.  It’s so inconsequential to most of humanity that it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry.   But, to one person who lives nearby, it’s pretty cool.

This person is live blogging the conditions and observations there at localweb.is/turkey.creek.


You have to be in Shawnee to see their posts, which makes sense because no one outside of Shawnee really cares.

That’s the cool thing about location.  Distance is a proxy for relevance. If you live within walking distance to Turkey Creek, there is some value to this information.  It might be the case that you live nearby and didn’t even know about the creek because it never showed up     on Facebook or trended on Twitter.  But in South Shawnee, /turkey.creek is one of the most active slashes and if you are   browsing the local web, you can’t miss it.

This local web blogger sharing something special with the world, but given the distance limitations of the local web, he’s only sharing it with the world that might care.  That is the power of the local web.

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