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Time to pitch in around                         the neighborhood

Cherry Grove Beach in South Carolina is a quiet beach just north of its busier neighbor, Myrtle Beach.  Most of the year it’s a neighborhood gem, but for a few weeks in March the overflow from all the spring breakers can wreak havoc as the detritus left behind is a huge chore   to clean up.

Not wanting to wait for the city to do it (they have their hands full too), the residents near Cherry Grove Beach organize a cleanup effort each year.  Posting flyers at the local grocery store or on Facebook doesn’t really get much attention so they have turned to the local web to make an impact.

The slash /cherrygrove.cleanup is where organizers are doing their planning.  It’s an open URL so anyone who sees it can join and help out.  The activity in the slash causes it to be a familiar sight on the local web front page, particularly in the area around Cherry Beach, which is the area that matters most.

The activity builds to a head on the weekend of the cleanup because it’s more than a community service event — it’s a party.  Residents are celebrating the departure of spring breakers with their own festivities of BBQ and volleyball.  In between the events are the clean up efforts.   Many people are posting photos to the local web, like they would to Facebook or Instagram, except on the local web word spreads to those who care most.  Within a few miles of Cherry Beach the /cherrybeach.cleanup slash is red hot and at the top of the local web front page.  It’s hard to ignore, unless you travel away from the area, in which case it’s less prevalent but also less relevant.  If you are browsing the local web near Cherry Beach on that weekend, you will know where the party is and it’s going to be hard not to take a short walk down there to help out and get fed.

The local web acts as a digital megaphone for events in the area.  If the event is online like a webinar, then the local web might not be very effective.  But if you are trying to reach those in the immediate area, even those who might not be paying close attention, then you need a local platform to do it.

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Image via Seuss on flicker