0265: /jamspace


Getting the band back together…       for the first time

Jamspace is an event within PAX East put on by Magfest that brings together local music acts and also random musical strangers in open jam sessions.

Being located at the far end of the hall at a huge convention center isn’t ideal, even with the chip tunes blaring out at full volume.  The Magfest crew needs a better way to get the word out than relying on PAX’s own promotion of their event.

Since the open jam sessions rely on strangers in the area getting together to make some sweet music, what better way to make that happen than the local web.   By posting info about the open jam sessions to localweb.is/jamspace it allows Magfest to reach people who are at PAX — not on Twitter or Facebook or in forums but actually at PAX.   If you go to /jamspace and you can see people talking about the open jam sessions, then you are at PAX.

It’s a long walk to the signup sheet in the Jamspace room, so many     PAX attendees are just using the local web and /jamspace to ask questions, post what they can play, and in an ad-hoc way, getting       the band together before they meet for the first time at one of the open jam sessions.

All this activity has the side benefit of pushing the /jamspace slash to the top of the local web front page.  When PAX attendees are checking out the front page to see what’s hot at PAX this year, and /jamspace is at the top of the list, it really doesn’t matter how far down the hall you are.  If you play it (and promote it on the local web), they will come.

Note: PAX or Magfest are not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

Signup at localweb.is

Image via Magfest on the Penny Arcade Forums