0251: /watercooler


The global and local watercooler             on your phone

There is nothing quite like wasting time and grumbling about your work at the office water cooler.  But those days are behind us.  Maybe the water cooler has been replaced by soy kombucha or removed entirely due to cost saving measures.  Or maybe you are a remote worker or travel around like an Uber driver.  Thanks to the local web, if you are around people who are working, you might be able to find them at /watercooler.

“Slash watercooler” or localweb.is/watercooler is a place that you can go to post your grumblings or any other sentiment about your work.   Hopefully you can find some solidarity or at least a few minutes of distraction from filling out TPS reports.

Because local web slashes are geo-based, the conversation at /watercooler will likely be from people at your workplace or workplaces nearby.  By narrowing your location to a few hundred feet, you can be almost sure that they may be your coworkers or at least in the same office building or office park.  But the point is not that coworkers of the same company can get together, it’s that all of us that share the same daily grind, from stuffing chalupas with ground beef to stuffing excel files with data, can empathize with each other in one place.  One global water cooler than you can find almost anywhere, but still has all the local character that you would want.

You can often find such places at the local bar around 5 pm, but       being able to post memes, gifs, and complaints anonymously from your phone to /watercooler can be so much more satisfying, not to mention, cheaper.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Photo via Lilla on Flicker