0127:  /veggie-trade


Trading a little kale for                     some swiss chard

Summertime is filled with barbeques, kids running around, and,     with a bit of luck (and hard work), a garden bursting with vegetables. Usually someone ends up with the lion’s share of kale or carrots, so     it helps to be able to balance out your supply by trading with gardeners nearby.

But unless they’re right next door, you may not have peeked over the fence or chatted with your fellow vegetable growers.  Websites and social platforms mostly connect you to people you already know, some of whom might not be gardeners or might not live nearby.  /veggie-trade is an easy way to post a note about what you’ve got on surplus, and see what others are working on.  Got plenty of butter lettuce but want to round out that salad with some green onions?  Easy enough. Have a ton of beets and could use a trade + recipe ideas?  Post a note and you’ll quickly be talking with someone nearby who’s got the perfect recipe for you to use.

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Image courtesy of mercedesfromtheeighties on Wikipedia.org | Licensed by CC2.0