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Uber for cookies

The Cookie Brigade started as an experiment in random acts of kindness.  Now it’s a baking force to be reckoned with and the kindness generated is tangible with the thousands of dollars they   have raised for the Child’s Play Charity.

At PAX they are using the local web and /cookie.brigade to coalesce cookie fans in the area and get some exposure.  The Cookie Brigade can be hard to miss when you are at PAX, but that doesn’t mean they are there when you need them, often when you can’t even move because you are stuck waiting in line somewhere.

That’s why the Cookie Brigade is using /cookie.requests to come to the “aid” of those who can do nothing but check their phone and ignore the rumble in their tummy.  People simply go to localweb.is /cookie.requests and post which line they are in and their cookie preference and before they know it, the closest Cookie Brigadier is there with the sweet and tasty relief.

It’s not long before the word of this “Uber for cookies” spreads and   the Brigadiers are hopping.  The best part is this doesn’t require PAXers to download some new app, which is only available in iOS   and not Android.  /cookie.requests is a URL.  If you have a browser on your phone or your laptop, then you have the cookie request “app”.

All this activity in both /cookie.requests and /cookie.brigade causes them to rise to the top of the local web front page, which is a list of   the popular slashes in the area (at PAX).  Because slashes are so easy   to create by anyone, non-brigadiers get in on the action by starting /cookie.request.xl for folks with a big appetite and /cookie.request.black for those who are willing to donate a bit more for quick service.  The Vault Boy cookies are a huge hit and people   are requesting them for big money at /cookie.brigade.rares.

The Cookie Brigade has become a full out local meme at PAX this year which doesn’t bother them at all since donations are at record levels.   This is all possible thanks to their tireless dedication and the serendipitous way the local web can bring people together who are in the same place.

Note: PAX and Cookie Brigade are not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web comes online at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Cookie Brigade on twitter