0242: /carcassonne.friendly


Who’s up for a game, right now?

Carcassonne is a popular table top strategy game.  At Pax East there is a specific time and location for the Carcassone tournament games.  But with all the waiting around, sometimes you just want to get in there and play.

That’s why PAX attendees have turned to the local web to get quick Carcassonne games going wherever they are.  By posting a quick note to localweb.is/carcassone.friendly that they are starting a new game in 5 minutes in the south hall, they can reach other Carcassonne players but only those in the immediate area at PAX.

This does not require an app that every Carcassonne player has to install or an email list that they have to sign up for.  It’s just a local web URL that you don’t need to sign up for or be logged in to view.  It’s a quick and open method of communication, just like the web only local.

Note: PAX is not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

Signup at localweb.is

Image via PMM on flickr