0256: /astro.gaming


Astro Gaming makes premium gaming equipment for pro-gamers and core enthusiasts.   They have Twitter, Facebook, and all the usual social accounts but at the PAX East convention so do all the other vendors, and with hundreds of other booths to compete with, they have to play it smart.

That’s why they are turning to the local web to make an impact focused on where they are right now, at PAX.

To start, they are using the local web URL /astro.gaming to communicate with fans and their audience at the event.  But to generate some interest, they are asking people who stop by their booth to post their favorite game to /astro.gaming and they will pick one person every two hours to get their A50 headset for free.  This is a serious piece of hardware so people are more than willing to share their favorite game on the local web.

The first few hours have a light amount of posts, but after the first A50 is given away, the word is out and no one wants to miss the opportunity this time.  The number of posts in /astro.gaming explode. Astro reps do their best to respond and engage their new audience.

The real benefit comes with all the activity that /astro.gaming is generating.  It’s causing /astro.gaming to rise near the top of the local web front page, and fast.  People at PAX are checking the local web front page to see what’s active and what’s hot right now.  And while huge panels like /pennyarcade.qa have a lot of activity, and rightfully so, there is another slash at the top of the heap, /astro.gaming.

Tons of people are now wondering what this Astro Gaming thing is all about and why people are posting their favorite games.  This draws scores of curious attendees to their booth, which in itself creates a scene which draws even more onlookers.

Creating a scene is the best way to create an even larger scene.  While this can be done in person with a lot of money and theatrics, it’s much harder to do online in social media.  Even if you can pull it off, the audience you really need is within walking distance, not scattered all over the interwebs.

With the local web and some tactical thinking you can create the perfect storm for turning a digital scene into a physical one.

Note: Astro Gaming or PAX are not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Astro Gaming’s blog post.