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Good neighbors wherever a neighborhood pops up

One of the benchmarks of a strong city is arts & culture programming. New York City may be known as the home of acting, but its sister city Buffalo has a Shakespeare in the Park series that rivals any in the country.

Each summer Delaware Park is turned into an outdoor stage and this year around 50,000 people are expected to come by to see productions of Romeo & Juliet and 12th Night. The best part?  It’s all free.

/shakesinthepark is the perfect way to communicate in this environment.  Dropping by the drug store on your way over?  Quickly check to see if people who are already there recommend a blanket or mat to cover wet grass from last night’s rain.  Or if you’ve got an extra and want to see if anyone in the rows behind you needs to borrow one, simply post a note.

That’s the power of community and of people connecting when and where it matters.

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Image courtesy of shakespeareindelawarepark.org