0272: /haiku.tag


Group poetry

In east San Francisco there is a group of people playing haiku tag.  What is haiku tag and where did it start?  No one really knows.  There seems to be only one rule, you just post a haiku.  Because its the local web, all the haikus come from people nearby.  This doesn’t mean it will be the best haikus on the internet, but it certainly will be the most local.

Experimental slashes like these on the local web don’t need a lot of planning to get started.  Someone decided to post a haiku to localweb.is/haiku.tag and someone else decided to respond with another haiku.  Haiku tag was born.

Haiku tag isn’t an app or a startup.  It’s not a movement or a facebook group.  It’s just something fun to do on the local web if there are other in the area who want to play as well.  If there is no /haiku.tag in your area, simply start one.  All slashes start with essentially one person making a post.  It’s like dropping a hook into the local water and seeing if you can get a bite… or a poem.


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Photo via Steve Johnson


0081: /classical-musicians


An outlet for classically                 trained musicians

There are millions of people around the world passionate about creating and playing classical music.  Only a small handful of these people make it into conservatories like Julliard or the Vienna Conservatory, and an even smaller number end up making a career out of playing classical music.  Yet, every single one of these passionate, classically trained musicians yearns to connect and play with others who share their passion.

Enter /classical-musicians, where local musicians can connect with one another.  For classically trained musicians it’s an opportunity to share their passion and continue playing the instruments they took so long to master.  Every artist needs their outlet and for non-career musicians, this is that outlet.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of Ed Schipul | CC2.0

0074: /karachi-popup-mkt


The who, what, when, and where of street markets.

Street markets are some of the most vibrant places on earth. Whether you’re in the middle of a festival in Hong Kong or hanging out at a simple farmers market in Cincinnati, it’s an opportunity to eat, drink, and buy household goods / art made by the people around you. /karachi-pop-mkt is a way to keep in touch with those people, and to see what’s new. Want to know which vendors will be there this week? A quick scan will tell you. You’re a vendor and the sky is cloudy / threatening to rain? Post a note in to coordinate with others so that vendors who don’t have tent / covering can quickly pair up and protect their work from the elements.

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Image via Flickr user Steve Evans | licensed under CC2.0

0064: /littleart


A guide to the little things

Not all art lives in a museum or gallery.  While it may not inspire documentaries, books or essays, a chalk drawing, a carefully crafted adobe wall, or an iron sculpture that’s a couple of blocks over can change our mental or emotional landscape.  This art can give us room to breathe and to enjoy all of the little things in life.

/littleart can be used as a source of inspiration, a chance to get away from the day’s pressures, or a guide to plan your next walk around the neighborhood.

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Img via Joe Cardillo