0239: /pax.after.parites


Whats going on when its all over?

So maybe you are not a formidable social butterfly with all the right connections.  That doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop at 10pm when you made the long pilgrimage to PAX once a year.  So where do you find out where all the after parties are going down?

You could follow a helpful twitter acount like @paxparties where its creator does the best to list as many parties as they can find.  But for this type of information, the decentralized local web would be a better choice.

The local web URL /pax.after.parties is where anyone can post info about what after parties are happening and when.  After party organizers large and small can post their info to the slash, without it going through one person first.  People who are actually at the parties themselves are posting photos of the parties so they can give you a glimpse of what it is actually like.

You wanted to go to 8-bit Boston 3, but people are posting that the line is ridiculous and its over capacity already.  Why waste your time. Thanks /pax.after.parties.

The Borderlands Pants-Optional party wasn’t advertised but the photos people are posting look ridiculous. That is where you want to be right now.  Thanks /pax.after.parties.

The Harmonix after party isn’t very crowded, but also overpriced for what it is, according to “ToadDuster” who just posted some pics to /pax.after.parties.

When information is scattered and real time, there needs to be a collection method that’s decentralized and not bottle-necked by the speed and attention of one person.  The local web is that method and platform.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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