0255: /pennyarcade.qa


An AMA for those in the room

PAX is a huge video game conference with no shortage of events, panels and other craziness to experience.  It can all be quite overwhelming.  Sure they have their own app you can download, but who really wants another app on their overstuffed homescreens.

That’s why many panel organizers have turned to the local web as a quick and dirty way to connect the room.  At the Penny Arcade Q&A in the main room, Gabe and Tycho just put up a sign with the local web URL, localweb.is/pennyarcade.qa, for people in the room to communicate on.  It’s sort of like a subreddit, just without the voting and only accessible to people in and around PAX.  If you went to /pennyarcade.qa while you were in Chicago, it would still exist but it wouldn’t be active.  You really need to be where PAX is to see what people are saying.

In that slash, conference goers are asking questions for Gabe and Tycho to answer and attendees are also talking to each other.  They are having debates, making friends and making plans.

All the activity in /pennyarcade.qa causes it to rise to the top of the frontpage which lists the most active slashes in the area.  Other people at PAX just checking the local web can see that something is going on in /pennyarcade.qa and maybe they should be there.  For the few days of PAX, the front page of the local web acts as a barometer of what is popular and interesting, at that very moment.

Note: PAX or Penny Arcade are not officially affiliated with the local web. The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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