0272: /haiku.tag


Group poetry

In east San Francisco there is a group of people playing haiku tag.  What is haiku tag and where did it start?  No one really knows.  There seems to be only one rule, you just post a haiku.  Because its the local web, all the haikus come from people nearby.  This doesn’t mean it will be the best haikus on the internet, but it certainly will be the most local.

Experimental slashes like these on the local web don’t need a lot of planning to get started.  Someone decided to post a haiku to localweb.is/haiku.tag and someone else decided to respond with another haiku.  Haiku tag was born.

Haiku tag isn’t an app or a startup.  It’s not a movement or a facebook group.  It’s just something fun to do on the local web if there are other in the area who want to play as well.  If there is no /haiku.tag in your area, simply start one.  All slashes start with essentially one person making a post.  It’s like dropping a hook into the local water and seeing if you can get a bite… or a poem.


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Photo via Steve Johnson