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Getting the gang together               online, then offline

PAX East is a big video game show and conference where hundreds of people dress up as their favorite game characters.  Borderlands has a massive following and PAX will be full of both Borderlands cosplayers and fans alike.  But how do they all find each other?  A Borderlands PAX takeover won’t be very effective if they can’t all assemble for maximum impact.  Sure there is a Facebook group, but tons of Borderlands fans won’t know about that or will be too busy to be checking Facebook at PAX.

That is why the organizers of the Borderlands Gathering are using the local web to not only round up all the stray Borderland fans, but mobilize them as well.  They are using a local web slash, localweb.is /borderlands.gathering to organize and communicate when they are on the ground in Boston.  It’s not just about organizing either.  /borderlands.gathering becomes this instant local community where people can talk about anything… among other Borderlands fans, be it where to eat dinner or how they design aspects of their cosplay.

All this communicating on /borderlands.gathering causes that slash to rise to the top of the frontpage at localweb.is.  PAX attendees are checking out the front page to see what is active and hot for the day.   Any Borderlands fan can’t resist seeing what is going on in /borderlands.gathering and even people who don’t know what Borderlands is are wondering why this slash is so popular.  There is a lot of exposure going on for Borderlands on the local web and it’s time to turn that online activity into offline madness.

When you have hundreds of Borderlands fans all checking /borderlands.gathering to see whats going, it’s much easier to mobilize people on the ground.  Because it’s the local web, you know that everyone who is watching or has posted is in walking distance.  It’s not like they said they were going on Facebook, then didn’t show up.  On the local web, they are already there.

The organizers of /Borderlands.Gathering have to get multiple meetups going over the course of the three days of PAX.  By Sunday, /borderlands.gathering is so active, that multiple meetups are planned for the final day, including a mega-meetup, which might just break the record for most Borderlands fans and cosplayers in one photo shoot.   It’s all a bit of pandemonium which is exactly the way Borderlands players like it.

This wasn’t planned months in advanced.  It all came together   because the local web allows for ad hoc communities to form     quickly and easily, and get exposure from the people around           them — the people that matter.

Note: PAX is not officially affiliated with the local web.  The above is just an example of what could happen when the local web launches at PAX East in April.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via L & M Cosplays via Facebook