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Keep your traditions with a   temporary family

There are going to be tens of thousands of people attending PAX East on the weekend of April 22nd.  Many people will be flying in from all over the country to be there.  This weekend is also the start of Passover, so many Jewish folks attending PAX will be without their families to share in the tradition.  But just because you aren’t near your birth family doesn’t mean you can’t make a new one, on the fly.

That’s why many Jewish peeps who are attending PAX East are also checking out /paxover.seder on the local web.  This type of planning is often hard to do because most gamers and fans don’t overtly identify themselves as being Jewish when interacting online.  Religion just isn’t a big part of gaming.  So how do you find other Jewish gamers at a massive conference?  The local web.

A few organizers start posting their seder plans on /paxover.seder.   Other PAXers who are in town on Thursday and are checking out the local web frontpage will see this activity in /paxover.seder.  If they are Jewish they might be drawn to what’s going down and post themselves about helping out.  By the time Friday evening rolls around /paxover.seder is one of the top slashes and dinner plans have been made.  If you thought that dinner with your extended family was a lively time, just imagine dinner with your greatly extended and temporary family of dozens of Jewish gamers.

Note: PAX is not officially affiliated with the local web.  The   above is just an example of what could happen when the local   web launches at PAX East in April.

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