0245: /triangle.clouds


Illuminati confirmed?

On February 7th, 2016 multiple triangle-shaped clouds appeared in the skies above San Francisco.  What was the reason behind this sky-writing?  Was it an advertisement for Doritos?  Arrows pointing towards the location of the Super Bowl?  A dreadful warning that the skies belong to the Illuminati?  That day there were more questions than answers.  That day also saw the /triangle.clouds slash blow up on the local web in and around San Francisco.

All it took was for one person to go to localweb.is/triangle.clouds and post a photo.  Others quickly saw the post while browsing the local web and posted their own photos.  Soon /triangle.clouds became the defacto record of pictorial evidence and repository of possible theories.

It didn’t take long before /triangle.clouds became a local meme to San Francisco residents.  Just like memes can spread quickly through the world wide web, they can move very fast through the local web, just not very far.  They are of course local memes, so they don’t make much sense to those who can’t look up and see the clouds for themselves.

Local news outlets saw the spike in activity on the front page of the local web and many of them covered the story.

Soon enough it was discovered that they were in fact Dorito shaped advertising and people went about their day.  /triangle.clouds died down and eventually fell off the front page of the local web.  But for one day, the people of San Francisco were captivated by this local meme that was spread to all corners of the local web.

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Image via @soffes on twitter