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Trading money for time on a snow day

You wake up one February morning and it’s entirely white outside. Whether it’s snowmageddon or just a few inches, you really don’t want to get out there and stress your back and knees doing the shoveling.  So what do you do?

Just drop a post on /shovel.bounty with your address and how much you are willing to pay to have it shoveled.  There are plenty of highschoolers who now have nothing to do but play video games or earn a few extra bucks shoveling.  They are checking /shovel.bounty and replying to posts.  In fact, some are either undercutting each other so instead of offering $20 to do it, an enterprising teen offers to do it for $15.  Free market at work.

When you post to localweb.is/shovel.bounty, only those within a few miles can see your post.  Which is fine, because no one is going to travel more than a few miles to shovel your driveway.

/shovel.bounty is just a URL.  It’s not an app that needs to be developed and installed.  If you search the local web and don’t see a /shovel.bounty, simply create it by going to the URL and posting.  Your post maybe not be active enough to reach people miles away, but some are just viewing the local web on a 300 feet range, in which case your post will be visible.  Which is fine because those within 300 feet are the most likely to take the 3 minute walk over to shovel your driveway. Soon others will see your post and want their driveway shoveled too and post themselves.  All this activity makes /shovel.bounty rise on the local web front page and spread geographically.  Before the snow stops falling, it’s been spread citywide and a new market has formed.  This is the power of slashes and the local web.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Dan Deluca on Flickr