0237: /history


Travel back in time, no Delorian needed

The slash /about started as an experiment to provide info about certain locations.  Many people wanted to use it for mostly historical facts, but soon those folks were overwhelmed with the creativity and uses for /about so the historians broke off and started their own /history.

Many historical landmarks have some sort of plaque that has been there for decades.  Thanks to /history, they also have additional historical info and even photos which you can access by just standing near the landmark and checking localweb.is/history.

The main participates of “slash history” are quicker to moderate out wasteful posts and encourage other users to ask their questions on /ask.history instead.  Now most landmarks have a digital placeholder on the local web that is filled with historical photos, facts, and stories.

This isn’t limited to popular landmarks either.  Placing a weather resistant sign or plaque on a landmark is expensive.  Posting on /history is free and quick.  So many places that don’t make it into the textbooks have posts in /history.  Bridges, farm houses, grave yards can now have more context if you have your phone and an internet connection.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Bill Badzo on Flickr