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Social media marketing that is actually… social…

This account is fictional. The local web is not affiliated with Trailercakes.  The local web isn’t available yet, these are just examples of what could happen.

Trailercakes is a bakery in Dallas that serves up delicious cup cakes each day.  Heather, who runs the place, engages in all forms of local marketing platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google Adwords, and Instagram.  It’s a lot to manage, especially for some one whose core competency is baking awesome cupcakes.

Recently, instead of trying to make sense of her various analytics dashboards, she decides to make a presence on the local web.

She startups up /trailercakes by simply going to localweb.is/trailercakes and posts a few pictures of her baked goods. Then she posts pictures of her daily specials every day to /trailercakes. She puts a sign in her store that customers can interact with her on the /trailercakes ‘slash’ and some do, asking questions or posting their own selfies with her delicious cupcakes.

What does this all mean?  Well, by being active in /trailercakes and responding to customers it causes her ‘slash’ /trailercakes to rise to the top of the front page of the local web.  It doesn’t mean she has a worldwide audience, or even a citywide audience, but it does mean that those who are browsing the local web within a 10 minute walk can see this activity and wonder what’s going on.

Fortunately, the people who can see this activity are also the most likely to be her customers and regulars.  Yelp is great for figuring out good places when you first move to a new place or when you have a specific need like searching for a bakery.  But the local web offers a bit more serendipity.  You may live near Trailercakes but not even know it’s there, until it’s ‘slash’ starts surfacing while browsing the local web.  You may choose to ‘hold’ the slash for a few weeks, just seeing what goes on there, and when you are ready, going into the store at that point makes you already feel like a regular.

For Heather it works out great because what matters on the local web is activity and by simply being social with her customers and fans, she is promoting her business.  There is no need to optimize local SEO keywords for the odd person googling “cupcakes Dallas”.  There is no need to pay Facebook to reach the people who have already ‘liked’ your establishment.  The local web just amplifies Trailercakes’ already warm and inviting presence.  The local web was built for local businesses.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Claire K on Flickr