0233: /u/popo


Whoop, whoop – that’s the sound of the police

If you hear someone shout “popo” and you are engaged in illegal activities, then you know what to do: stop the activity and casually walk/run away because the police are nearby.  But those were the old days.  Today everyone has a phone so shouting “popo” deserves a more advanced solution.

If you spot the police rolling by, or you spot an undercover checking I.D.s at a bar, or you know a party has been broken up, just leave a post on localweb.is/u/popo for your friends, campus buddies, or other evildoers to find.  That way, they can save themselves the trouble of dealing with the police.

The /u/ means that it is an unlisted slash, so it won’t appear on the homepage of localweb.is.  Ideally, this means the police don’t know about it’s use, but you can never be sure.  Maybe the police are using their own unlisted slash to fight crime themselves.  Either way, following /u/popo is a good way of keeping your criminal record to a minimum.

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Image via Michael Burns on Flickr