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Set it (on the lawn) and forget it

So maybe you are not giving away hugs and you really do need to just get rid of this stack of cooking books.  Well just take a photo and drop a post on localweb.is/free.to.pickup and there is a good chance someone will come by to get it.  The posts you see there aren’t just from your state or city, they are from within 2 miles and might be right next door.

If you are having a yardsale and it’s getting late in the day, start snapping pics of some items and post them to /free.to.pickup to drive some attention to your yard sale.  It’s a clever way to promote some “loss leaders” for the tail end of your sale.

Sure you can post an ad to craigslist as well, but there might be more people looking at /free.to.pickup and chances are they are closer, which means your stuff has more value.  The free stuff on Craigslist isn’t such a great deal if you have to drive 15 minutes to get it.  Some patrons even have alerts on their phone when stuff is posted to /free.to.pickup within walking distance of them.

Of course if there are no takers, then you might have better luck at /pay.to.pickup.

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Image via Derek Hatfield on Flickr