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Social media?  Try local media.

Sarah Johnson is an influencial food blooger in Providence, Rhode Island.  Whenever a new restaurant opens up, her reviews on her blog, “Munch”, can be an important part of that opening being successful or a failure.

While she gets a lot of traffic to her blog, her other social media accounts just aren’t moving the needle.  She often instagrams her meals but on that platform she is competing with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other food bloggers across the world.  Providence is her domain and she is a big fish in a small pond there.  These global platforms are like the ocean and it can be hard to get some attention.

She posts her food thoughts on Twitter as well, but readers really aren’t on Twitter, or at least not often enough to catch her tweets.  Her readers are localized in Providence.  That is where she has the most influence.  So instead of social media, she has turned to local media to get the word out.

While she posts full reviews of new restaurants to her blog, she gives short thoughts on most meals at localweb.is/munch.  She has followers there too and since she knows all her followers are in the area, she can get a lot of interaction.  /munch or “slash munch” as its called in Providence can be useful tool to fill seats at any restaurant.  When Maria raves about the eggs benedict at the Seaplane Diner (not on the menu, you have to ask for them) it creates a lot of activity in the slash. This causes /munch to rise to the top of localweb.is, which is like the front page of the local web.  When /munch is near the top, people in the area take notice.  The next day, the Seaplane Diner has to print new menus since everyone is asking for the eggs benedict.  This is the power of local media versus social media, where most hashtags just get lost in the wind and noise.

Local media is just a natural extension of the local web.  Global platforms force global competition when most of the time what matters most is what you can walk to.  What you can actually experience.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Lori Stalteri on Flickr