0226: /u/caleb-beard-diary


A private collection of a beard            pic a day

The journey to “yeard” takes strength, determination, and often the right genetics.  It helps to document your progress and look back to see how far you have come.

Well Caleb here is trying to grow a beard and started an unlisted local web URL where he posts one beard pic per day.  Every day he just goes to localweb.is/u/caleb-beard-diary (it’s bookmarked as an icon on his home screen) and quickly takes and posts a selfie.  Sometimes he adds some thoughts about his beard as well.

The /u/ makes it unlisted on localweb.is, which is a directory of popular and trending slashes.  The only way to know about Caleb’s beard diary is if he gives the URL out.  Sure he could just take photos on his phone and save them to local storage, but he does want to share the diary with some folks.  He gives the link to close friends and to the folks on /beard-selfie.  But mostly, it’s a private URL which makes it free from trolls.

Whenever Caleb is suffering from beard-induced depression and gets the urge to just shave it all off, he swipes through /u/caleb-beard-diary and gets a sense of all the work his face has done.  It gives him a little encouragement.  His friends sometimes leave nice comments in there too.  Caleb now realizes again that his beard is worth growing.

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Image via Sean Salmon on Flickr