0224: /morning-selfie


For those times when you are not looking your best

The selfie culture can feel oppressive sometimes.  Each pic needs to look good.  The right pose, the right face, the right angle.  Take a dozen, choose the best, and delete the rest.  It can feel like work.

But over at localweb.is/morning-selfie you will find people reject that obligation.  Wake up, take a selfie, and post it.  Sure your hair is a mess and your skin is breaking out, but this is who you are at 7 am.  It’s a welcoming place as the slash is full of other people doing the same thing.

Because the slash is based around a certain period of the day, it’s most active in the mornings, which means that it’s often near the top of localweb.is from 7 am to 10 am.  Checking the slash first thing in the morning is a great reminder that “yeah, I’m a real person and we are all real people”.

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Image via Sophia Louise on flickr.