0222: /findhunter


How do you find your cat when everyone is looking at their phones?

So you lost your cat.  The first thing you do is put up flyers right?  Sure. But that takes time to get them made, printed and posted and if you have ever watched any crime dramas you will know that the first 48 hours are the most important.

Instead of printing up flyers first, try making a slash on the local web. If you know that Hunter isn’t in the house, create a slash by going to localweb.is/findhunter and post a picture and his info.  Then go out the flyer but be sure to include the local web URL as well.  This way people can post any updates or tips for everyone to see.  A little transparency and coordinated action will go a long way in tracking down a lost pet.

The best part is that all this action in the /findhunter slash will cause it to rise to the top of localweb.is, which is the front page of the local web.  So now all those within 1 mile see this slash and can participate. These are people you likely wouldn’t have reached with a few flyers but now they have their eyes open.

The mechanics of the local web allow a post to spread beyond its geographic boundaries if it gets attention.  So if Hunter finds his way into a different neighborhood or town, you can still be notified of any activity in the /findhunter slash.

Flyers are helpful, but it’s time to apply 21st century tools to our local problems.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via nixerkg on flicker