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Opening the lines of communication

So a new subdivision of 50 units is being built near my home.  It’s a massive project and my former dead-end street is being extended and connected to another street.  This involved paving, plumbing and everything else involved with building roads and houses.

The excavators, cements trucks and other massive machines are everywhere and the two routes to my house are often blocked off. Well, they always leave one open while they work on the other. The problem is, I never which one is open on which day.  I also didn’t know that they would cut my water for a day and a half while they put in more street sewers.  Communication with the locals is not something this construction company is particularly good at.

So I went to their management trailer and suggested they post any updates at localweb.is/cliffview.construction.  They agreed and communication has been a lot better.  Not because they didn’t want to communicate, but because it was cumbersome for them to do so before.  But with the local web, think of it like a local twitter, they post an update that one of the streets will be blocked for the day and I can check that on my phone before I head out in the morning.

Because the local web is hyper local, even those residents who are not following /cliffview.construction can still get notified because that slash is very popular within the 1 mile around the construction site, so it’s constantly at the top of localweb.is which is a front page for the local web.  If you use the local web, and why wouldn’t you, then you will be informed about what’s going on.  All without a construction working having to knock on your door.

In fact, they even put the /cliffview.construction  URL on their detour signs.  Thanks guys!

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

Signup at localweb.is

Image via Bengt Nyman on Flickr