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Find the best action on Halloween

For kids, October 31st is all about the candy.  But parents know that such things are just a commodity and also 50% at the drug store the next day.  The real fun in Halloween lies with the homeowners and others who go all-out with their decorations.  They turn a simple “trick or treat” into an experience and a memory.

Not everyone can do this, and most people don’t, but in every neighborhood there are some people who just want to put on a show. But how do you find them?  Often the decorations don’t go up until the day of Halloween, and who wants to cruise the neighborhood looking for the best spots?

That’s why residents turn to localweb.is/halloween.houses to crowd source the location of the best houses.  As people are trick-or-treating, they post pictures and locations of the top spots.  Before you head out just check /halloween.houses to plan your route.  Even if you can’t make it to all of them, you can still browse /halloween.houses the next day to see what you missed.

All the activity on Oct 31st shoots /halloween.houses to the top of the front page at localweb.is.  It’s a lot of exposure for the homeowners who are often looking to outdo each other.  Sure, you could post a photo your awesome decorations to Facebook or Pinterest and get a few likes, but when you post it to the local web, you will get more than likes.  You will get a bunch of little kids to terrify.   Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

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Image via Micahel Teft on Flickr