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Help from those who can actually help

Parenting is hard.  The only training we received is from watching our own parents, which isn’t always the best advice.  Parenting books and websites can only offer general help because every parent’s situation is different and unique.

So where does a parent turn for help?  The best place is often to other parents.  You can find them online for sure, but the ones who are in the best position to help are around you.  You can find those on the local web.

Stressed out parents can post their comments and questions to localweb.is/parenting and other parents in the area can respond. These are people who live in the area, who know the schools, teachers and other available resources.  These are people you can get coffee with.

There are other ways to meet local parents such as school events, but these face-to-face interactions can make a parent self-conscious of their situation.  On the local web you have a degree of anonymity and privacy, so you can talk about problems you are having with your child without feeling as if you are getting a bad reputation in the community.  You don’t have to be anonymous and can choose to use your real identity or even a pseudonym if you want to build a reputation in the /parenting community.

Every parent knows how hard it can be, so there is a lot of empathy and compassion to be found once you get beyond the forced smiles of a PTA meeting.  The local web can help tap this local empathy.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Camp ASCCA via flickr