0218: /labor.requests


Spare your back this time with     micro-labor

So you want to move that couch out of the basement, but just thinking about the effort required makes your back tingle.  You could hire someone off Craigslist or using one of the “gig economy” services, but this is a five minute and five dollar job.  So you post it to /labor.requests on the local web.

Soon it will be answered by someone within walking distance who has nothing better to do than earn a quick five bucks.  It might even be your neighbor who is just feeling friendly.

Sure, the person who comes and does the work won’t be insured, bonded, or especially trained, but there already services for those people.  On the local web, /labor.requests fills the need of jobs that are just too small to make a big deal out of.  Maybe you want someone to build the Ikea change table you just bought, or to setup a wireless speaker system, or mow your lawn while you are on vacation.

Welcome to the world of unregulated micro-labor.  No middle men, no reviews, just people in your area helping people.  Communities have engaged in this practice for a long time.  It’s called doing your neighbor a favor… and sometimes getting a 6-pack out of it.  But since the web has come along we have lost the ability to engage with your neighbors.  The local web reconnects to those around us which is important because you never know when you might need a hand or two.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via kenton on flickr