0217: /ultimate


Let’s get a game going

While bike-jousting may be a one time event, there are many sports that are played daily or weekly.  Ultimate is one of them.  Ultimate or as some call it, ultimate frisbee, is enjoyed by millions of people, both professional and amateur and by folks just looking to run around.

The problem is you just can’t head down to the park disc in hand and hope to get an ultimate game going.  It takes a little planning.  That planning requires knowing people who play utlimate.  Which in-turn requires social connections that you may not have.

That’s why pickup ultimate games have turned to the local web to get people together.  If you want to get something going for Sunday, just post to localweb.is/ultimate sometime early in the week and by the time the weekend comes around you’ve got some players to join you. Or, if you are not the organizing type, check /ultimate to see what other players are talking about and show up in the right spot at the right time.

Like many hobbies and sports, it may not see like there are many enthusiasts around you, but statistically there usually are.  It’s just hard to find them.  On the weekend, /ultimate is often a popular slash which causes it to rise on the front page of localweb.is.  This exposes more people to the sport which brings in more players.  If there is a game going on, you can be sure it started on the local web.

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Image via whynotzoidberg on flickr