0216: /bike.jousting


It’s time to get medieval on this grass

So last night you came up with the epiphany that the sport of jousting could be brought back to life using bicycles instead of horses.

A few other people in /epiphany agreed and within the hour localweb.is/bike.jousting was born.  People were posting their ideas on how to pull it off, locations, and word soon spread to /engineering, /awesome, and /bikes.  By noon the next day /bike.jousting was the top slash in the area.

By 3 pm the people started to assemble at the park with PVC pipe, duct tape and boxing gloves.  This was happening.  Photos and videos of the madness were posted to /bike.jousting and being spread geographically through the local web’s spread feature.  Bike jousting had gone viral in the Philadelphia area.  By 5 pm when you saw the post and decided to head down there, a huge crowd had assembled.

When stuff goes viral on the web, it’s a look into the past.  The event has already happened and you are watching the highlights on YouTube.  Most likely, you wouldn’t have had the chance to get there even if you knew about it in advance.

When things go viral on the local web, it happens in the present.  The event is going on right now and the best part is that its probably a few minutes away.  You can be there.  You are there.  You are taking part in the action, instead of just liking it on Facebook.

The local web is a web you can experience… in real life.

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Yes, Bike Jousting is a real thing. Look it up on YouTube. You can even give it a like.