0214: /anyone.still.up


I’m up, you’re up.  Maybe we              can be up together.

Anyone with insomnia will know that the later it gets, the less people are online.  If it’s late enough, then maybe people in a different time zone are just waking up but they won’t be in the same state of mind as you.

This is when it can get pretty lonely.

It can feel as if you are the only one on earth who is up at this late hour but that’s obviously not true.  Statistically, there is probably a bunch of people still awake within a mile.  1 in 3 people have mild insomnia, so those are some good odds.

At localweb.is/anyone.still.up you can find these people.  People just like you.  Awake when they don’t want to be, just looking for someone to talk to.

The best part is that this slash is usually dead through out the day, but the later it gets in the night, the more activity there is.  This causes /anyone.still.up to rise on the front page at localweb.is. Simultaneously, the lack of activity in other slashes in the wee hours causes them to fall.  So its often the case that /anyone.still.up is the top slash in your area at that time.

It’s not often you can go from feeling like you are the only one to feeling like you are part of the dominate group, but the local web can make that happen if only for a few hours before dawn.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Paul Lofeodo on Flickr