0213: /u/tzadok.untitled6


Crowd sourcing meaning

Modern art, what does it mean!? Who knows.  It says something different to everyone or so I’ve been told.  What does it say to you?

Usually walking through an art gallery is a quiet, contemplative and unsocial affair. You are often alone with your thoughts.

But one forward thinking art gallery in Boston decided to add a social element to its exhibition.  Each placard which lists the artist and name of the work also has it’s own local web URL.  At localweb.is/u/tzadok.untitled6 you are encouraged to leave your comments on these particular black dots in a field of hazy blue.  What does it mean!?  Well, now you can read what others have to say about it and even add your own interpretation.  Forget the slow and pretentious audio tour and find out what your fellow Bostonians have to say about it.

The best part is that this gallery didn’t have to signup for anything or get their visitors to download some app.  All they did was put a URL on a sign.

Each URL is designated with a /u/ which means it’s unlisted from the front page at localweb.is.  This means that only the people who actually see the placard know the URL so you can be sure its free from noise and trolls that you would otherwise find on the Internet.  Sure you could snap a photo and post it to Instagram or Facebook, but if you are looking for meaning, try the local web.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

Signup at localweb.is

Image via Marco Kudjerski on Flickr