0209: /v/costumes


Who’s got the best costume around?

Some people go out on Halloween and some people go ALL OUT on Halloween.  If you have put effort into your costume, you want to share it as much as possible.  Get that respect and not just on one night.

For the month of October localweb.is/v/costumes is constantly at the top of the front page.  People there are sharing their costume creations and others are voting them up or down.  This is what the /v/ does to the slash.  Having the best costume in your area is quite rewarding, especially when those people see you at parties.

There are lots of places to show off your costume online, but with many platforms you are competing with literally millions of other people doing the same thing so it can be hard to get some respect.  But when the pool of people is lowered to those in your area, those that actually matter, it can be easier to get noticed for your hard and creative work.

The local web is about small ponds, and who doesn’t want to be a big fish every once in a while?

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via a_karenina on reddit