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Sharing the gold with the              people that matter

You’ve been fingering these dusty jackets all day and are about to give up and get some Chipotle when you see it.  Double Dee & Steinski ‎– Mastermixes.  A holy grail pressing of early 80′s hiphop.

You need to share this find with the world but where do you do it? You don’t have enough Twitter followers to get a response.  Same with Instagram.  Your Facebok friends aren’t exactly hiphop heads.

But there is a community that would eat this up and give you the respect/jealousy you are due.  Over at localweb.is/crate.digging other vinyl enthusiasts are posting and discussing their finds.  There are probably some online forums you can do this in as well, but these are the heads that go to the same record stores, the ones you can easily trade with, the ones that matter.

The local web is about the intersection of location and interest, whatever it may be.  Sure, /crate.digging isn’t very active in Poughkeepsie but keep heading down the Hudson and /crate.digging is a vibrant community of fellow vinyl explorers.  There are even regional differences in NYC, as Brooklyn and the Bronx /crate.digging is more about hiphop where as there are more house and dance aficionados in Manhattan.  The local web allows communities to be elastic and really take on their sense of place, just like in meatspace.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via

Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy on Flickr