0207: /demdebate


National event, local conversation

If have ever tried to participate in a hashtagged national event like a presidential event, then you know it’s a total mess.  When Bernie Sanders was giving his intro, the #demdebate hashtag was firing at 6,755 tweets per minute.  That’s a “discussion” only an algorithm can love.

For something a little more sensible, many people turned to localweb.is/demdebate where discussions only reached those within a few miles.  As you would expect the discussion took on a different flavor in Vermont than Kentucky but that’s part of the charm of the local web.

With all the activity in that slash it stayed at the top at localweb.is, which is a front page of the local web, so you knew it was trending in your area.  The best part is that many of the candidates’ supporters were able to find each other in that slash, and since they are close by, they could actually organize on the ground to make something happen.

It’s great to strike up a national “conversation” around a hashtag but the local web serves as that last mile to turn sentiment into action.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Teresa on Flickr