0205: /rt/garden.chat


Weekly chats about your gardens

There is a great community going on at /gardening.  Just people posting about their plants but these people all happen to share the same soil and weather.  That’s the core of the local web.  Bringing people together over the things we already share.

But each Thursday night around 8 pm the folks at /gardening get together at localweb.is/rt/garden.chat to talk about their greens in Real Time.  That’s what the RT stands for and when its used in a URL is changes the dynamics a bit.  All conversations are flat instead of threaded and they don’t trigger notifications.  They also only last for 30 minutes.  It basically turns the standard posting structure into a chat room.

These folks also belong to a local gardening group on Meetup.com but sometimes they just want something lightweight to interact with, instead of planning and organizing an in-person get-together.

The /rt/ and the local web let them do just that.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Rick Harrison on Flickr