0204: /women.who.code


They are out there, and closer than you think

Most major urban cities will have some sort of meetup or group of women developers.  In tech centers like San Francisco or New York, you even have your choice of female coding groups.

But for the rest of the country, females who share your passion for coding can be much harder to find.  They are out there of course.  If there are 100 developers in your town, then 5 to 22 of them are going to be female.  So how do they find each other?

By using the local web and a “slash” such as localweb.is/women.who.code can find and connect to other female coders where ever you happen to be.  In populated cities where such groups already exist on Meetup.com and independently, /women.who.code often serves as a more informal place to express your gripes or opinions as the local web doesn’t require your real-name identity.

Statistically, you are more alike to the people around you than you might think.  However, finding them has always been a challenge.  The local web makes this much easier.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Alaina Percival on Flickr