0203: /only.on.the.orange.line


Just another local meme

Boston has its own version of the “Florida man” meme.  The Orange Line of the T goes through some of Boston’s more diverse neighborhoods.  If you make the Orange Line part of your commute everyday, you should expect the unexpected especially at night.

In reality, the Orange Line is no worse than any other line of the T, but that doesn’t mean that riders can’t form some solidarity on localweb.is/only.on.the.orange.line where they post photos, thoughts, or other meme-worthy posts.

Memes are a wonderful cultural phenomenon and the Internet has done a great job at spreading them far and wide, but the local culture is often left out.  With the local web, local memes spread only as far as they are relevant.  They become a local cultural language, which is something we have always had historically.  Now we have a better way to share it.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Bart E on flickr CC2.0