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A student run local web… site

Conestoga High is a well lauded school in Tredyffrin Township, PA.  It routinely sends its kids to Ivy League colleges.  It has a most impressive and award winning student-produced daily news site called Spoke that covers all topics.

This is a huge effort and especially hard to build a sustained audience with the built-in turnover from graduating seniors each year.

That’s why Conestoga High has turned to publishing and linking to their articles on the local web at localweb.is/stoganews.  The Spoke website isn’t the first thing that freshmen think to check out when they wake up in the morning but when they are browsing the local web and /stoganews is near the top of the front page, it can be hard to avoid.  The farther you get from the high school, the less you will see /stoganews content, but that makes sense, its a hyper local publication.

You can follow the Spoke on all the usual social platforms, but there is one that really drives traffic to their site and its the local web.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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