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Local social media for touring acts

Louie Bello is a performer, singer, and songwriter in the Boston area. Like all artists these days he has taken to social media to build and establish his own fan base, rather than relying exclusively on labels and promoters.

Louie is better at this than most.  You can find him on all the usual spots like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Soundcloud, but also some of the newer platforms like Periscope and Blab.

While these platforms are great for connecting with his fans, they don’t always help bring people to his shows, especially those who have never heard of him.

That’s why Louie also posts to localweb.is/louiebello.  The stuff Louie and his fans post there is really only visible in the Boston area, but instead of encouraging his fans to tweet out his shows, he welcomes them to post comments and photos to /louiebello.  This activity causes /louiebello to rise to the top of the ‘hot list’ at localweb.is, which is like the front page of the local web.  People looking for something to do see this slash called /louiebello at the top and explore, seeing photos from fans and adoring comments.  It’s especially hot on Wednesday nights and hottest in the Theatre District of Boston.  This exposes Louie Bello to people who have previously never heard of him who are literally within walking distance of his show.

“Work smarter not harder” is one of Louie’s mantras, and by using the local web he is building a fanbase from those who actually have the ability to see him live.  That’s pretty smart.

*The above is a fictious account of how a touring act could use the local web. Localweb.is has no affiliation with Louie Bello.  The local web hasn’t even been launched yet.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of LouieBello.com