0197: /u/stormy.cat


Neighborhood cat tracking

My neighborhood has lots of outdoor cats on the prowl.  Most have a collar with some serial number that you can look up on an I.D. tracking website.

But Stormy is different.  Stormy has a local web URL on his collar. localweb.is/u/stormy.cat.  If you go to that URL you can see that other people in the area have posted photos of Stormy in their back yards. Or if they gave Stormy a bit of food, they just post a note there too. Stormy spends most of his time outside; in fact, the people in the neighborhood aren’t even sure if he has an owner.  But using the local web, the neighborhood at large becomes his “person”.

The URL is /u/ which means its unlisted so the only people who know about it are those who actually find it on his collar.

There are notes in /u/stormy.cat about his matted fur, about what to do with him when it snows, and other notes from those who are looking out for Stormy.

Stormy is bringing his neighborhood together.  It’s not something stray cats usually do, but when they are part of the local web, anything is possible.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

Signup at localweb.is

Image via KamrenB on Flickr CC 2.0