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What’s for lunch in your city?

If you live in a city with a lot of great restaurants then each day there will likely be a lot of great specials for lunch.  But how do you find out what’s on the menu?

Yelp doesn’t help.  The restaurants websites are not updated daily. Really the only way is to go to each restaurant and find out, or call them.

Thats where the local web can shine.  On localweb.is/lunch-specials local restaurants are posting photos and descriptions of their lunch specials each day.  Think of it like an Instagram hashtag, but local. Because URLs on localweb.is are locally based, you can only see what’s posted from within 2 miles of you, which is perfect, because that’s pretty much walking distance to get a bite to eat.

This has turned into a great marketing tool for restaurants who can show off their dishes to hungry people around them.  If you have a question about a dish, just drop a comment on a post.  The businesses are much more responsive on localweb.is than other social media because they know that you are nearby.  They know you could be a potential customer.

The next time you are looking for a bite to eat, trying checking out what looks good, on this very day, in this very corner of your city.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Wendy on Flickr CC 2.0