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Explore the neighborhood             before you move in

When looking for a house to buy the experience can be very managed and guarded by the relevant parties.  The agents and current homeowners all have their own agenda.  Often key pieces of information are left out of the listing.  That’s why those seeking to buy a home have turned to the residents themselves using the local web.

If there is a house you really want to buy, drop a few questions in localweb.is/new-neighbors first.  The URL is location-based so it will only reach those within 2 miles.  Many residents view the URL on a 100 yard filter, so literally only those on the block may see your question.

What are the schools really like? Does anyone know anything about the development that is going up across the road? Are the mosquitoes bad from the nearby conservation area?  Is the home built on an old pet cemetery?

The answers to these questions are usually not in the listing, nor do the agents know, nor does the homeowner feel inclined to tell you. But current residents in the neighborhood are more than happy to give you the scoop.

The best part is that /new-neighbors isn’t some service you have to sign up for or an app you have to download.  It’s a URL.  One of those things you type into your browser on your phone while you are sitting outside the house waiting for the agent to give you a showing.

If you are looking to move to another city and have a neighborhood in mind, you can even set your location to that street and drop some questions in /new-neighbors there.  This is an example of people using the local web to circumvent traditional guardians of knowledge. Current residents participate in the URL because they know that they would appreciate it if the roles were reversed.

And once you have moved in, /new-neighbors is the perfect place to meet others, all from the comfort of your own home/browser.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Dan Moyle on Flickr CC 2.0