0192: /u/bbs-1020


Bottle service for coffee

Many coffee shops have their regulars who they know by name.  They get a little preferential treatment for just being a regular.  Well, some people want that preferred experience as well without having to be a regular. That’s why Blue Bottle Coffee have turned the local web to offer a bottle-service of sorts to patrons.

If you ask for it, you will be given an unlisted URL,  localweb.is/u/bbs-1020, which can serve as a direct communication line to management or your favorite barista.  When you leave for work in the morning just post your order to /u/bbs-1020 and your local Blue Bottle will be notified and get your order ready.  They will even save you a table at lunch time if you are bringing a guest.  Are the blueberry walnut scones your favorite? Then BBS will make sure to save you the last one.  Blue Bottle Service isn’t cheap, but for some people it’s worth it. Each month as long as you renew the service you get a new URL to communicate on.  Maybe next month it will be /u/bbs-3894.  The /u/ means its unlisted so only you and Blue Bottle know the URL.

Have a client in town for a few days?  Just give them the URL as a treat.  The URL is location-based so if they post to it when they fly back to Chicago no one in San Francisco will see it.   And if the URL gets leaked somehow, well it changes at the end of the month anyway.

Sure, bottle service for coffee is a bit ridiculous and a bit elitist, but Blue Bottle is innovating and trying new things all without developing an app or infrastructure first.

The above is fictional.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Wally Goebetz on Flickr CC 2.0