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Finding the best BBQ around

There are some places that take their barbecue very seriously, and then there is Austin.  Equal parts tradition, religion and molasses, barbecue in Austin is serious business.  Sure you can find the best reviewed places on Yelp, but for the real deal, the true local knowledge, that can only found on the local web.

Once in Austin just pull up localweb.is/v/bbq on your phone and you will find people within 3 miles of you voting up or down the best BBQ they have had recently.  Often the top posts are not from local staples like Stubbs or Franklins but from amateurs with their own smokers, innovating on the classics.

What you see on /v/bbq changes depending on your location, so if you are driving up to Dallas and make a stop for lunch in Belton or Waco then /v/bbq will surface the best BBQ posts from wherever you choose to stop.

Sure you can find some decent reviews of Schoepf’s Bar-B-Que in Belton on Yelp.  But if you happen to check /v/bbq you would know that there’s a guy that tugs his smoker down to Wells St across from the University.  He’s only there on the weekends and doesn’t have a Yelp page or do any social media.  But on /v/bbq his posts blow any of the other local joints out of the water.  That’s what the local web is all about.  Finding out what matters to you, right now, wherever you happen to be.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Carlos Pacheco on Flickr CC.20