0188: /u/pzz-aug-849311


Even secret societies need a      common network

Have you ever wondered how the paparazzi always seem to be where the celebs are.  No public street, restaurant or store is safe, especially in LA and NYC.  It’s almost like they have some secret communication network to alert other paparazzi in the area.

With the local web they can do just that.  Once you are one of the paparazzi insiders you may be be given the opportunity to join their localweb.is network.  The rules are simple, you pay your dues each month to the organization and you receive a simple URL.  For August, its localweb.is/u/pzz-aug-849311. In this URL other members are posting sightings of celebs they see around town.  But you will only see posting if you are within 2 miles of the posting, or less if you filter it down to 1/2 mile or 100 yards.  That means if you have the URL set to 100 yards and your notifications start going off like crazy, you know there is a celeb nearby.  Time to get the camera out.

No one wants to just be a “taker” either so if you spot a celeb yourself, just drop a quick post on the URL for your fellow ‘razzi.  This increases your cache and clout within the group.

The URL changes each month and it’s always unlisted, so that means that only those who are given the URL will know about it.  Don’t pay your dues on time, then I’m afraid you won’t be given the URL when it’s sent out at the first of the month.

Despite what the public thinks of them, the paparazzi are hard workers so it goes without saying they don’t have the time to build some iOS app that is just for themselves.  But they can use the simple URL structure on localweb.is to workout an MVP of an app with only some creativity and the agreement between members.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.  

Signup at localweb.is

Image via NoHoDamon on Flickr CC2.0